Using Our Music


You'll need to buy a License if you wish to use our music in your videos such as vlogs, tutorials, educational (such as school or college projects), paid-for business projects, including non-profit or charity based projects - such as corporate videos or presentations of any kind.


The License Certificate is a legal document which grants you permission to use our music in your videos or projects.

It enables you to show that you have the correct legal rights to use and perform publicly our copyrighted material within your production, such as all online platforms such as YouTube, AdRev, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram.

Licenses are also used to show your regional Performance Rights Organisations (such as PRS, BMI, ASCAP, etc) when you use and broadcast the music in network television or radio productions. 


Once a License Certificate has been purchased, you will be able to download your digitally signed pdf Certificate and be granted the proper rights. You can then use the licensed music on all online video streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Vidme, Daily Motion, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and much more. This includes personal, educational, business and corporate videos. 

If you are a video producer or designer producing videos for a client, you may still purchase a License on their behalf and then pass this to them on delivery of the completed video project. You and your client may then contact us with any queries or requests to clear copyright claims. 


So, you've uploaded your brand new video to YouTube which contains our royalty free music and low and behold you see the a 'matched third-party content' copyright notice appear next to your upload.

Firstly, Don't panic!

This is absolutely nothing to worry about and perfectly normal when using our music and the notice is simply letting you know that AdRev/YouTube's ContentID system has detected our music that's held on their systems, within your upload.

This is not the same thing as a copyright strike and does not affect the status of your video or channel in any way. What will happen is that advertising may run on your video, and a small portion of the revenue is distributed back to us, to the copyright holder of the music. 

So, what do I need to do now?

Once you have purchased a License, there are two main options for you: 

OPTION 1: If you're not monetizing the video which contains the music, then you may just ignore the notice and continue uploading your videos as normal. That's all there is to it. 

OPTION 2: If you do want to monetize your YouTube video that contains the music (if you're a YouTube Partner, for example) or you just want the on-screen advertising removed, you'll need to have the copyright claim cleared.

For this you'll need your purchased License Certificate pdf to hand, which is found within your purchased zip file. You can check your purchase email to access this.

So, to get the copyright claim cleared:

  • Drop a quick email to, include links to your video(s) that have a claim on my music and attach your purchased pdf License Certificate. You may also put 'Copyright claim release request' as the subject if you so wish.
  • AdRev will review your request and clear the claim, often within a day (this may take a little longer over weekends or holidays) and they will let you know once this has been done. Done! 

YouTube Tips:

  • There's no need to use YouTube's built-in dispute process, as this is often a much slower way to clear claims. Emailing, as mentioned above, is a much quicker and direct way to clear copyright claims. 
  • Once the claim has been cleared, you will still receive all revenue accumulated whilst the claim was active. This is held temporarily by YouTube until the claim is cleared.
  • Alternatively, if you get stuck or need any help with anything, then just drop us a message here.


    If you intend to use our music within productions that are to be broadcast on network radio, radio commercials, television programs or within television commercials, we also provide Broadcast Licenses to our music. 

    Broadcast Licenses are valid in perpetuity (ie. you don't have to renew them each year) and the license contains all the necessary information to fill in so called 'cue sheets', which is usually sent to your regional performance rights organisations (PRO) or royalty collection society. 

    If you require a Boadcast License, please get in touch with us here, detailing which track or tracks you wish to license, so that we can manually set up a license for you and send you a link to purchase and download the license and music files. Broadcast Licenses for individual tracks are currently set at a flat rate of $49.99 USD.

    Refunded or cancelled license purchases

    If for any reason a music license is refunded or disputed after purchase, it's important to know that any Licenses that have been downloaded will immediately become invalid. You will have to re-purchase a License and download it again to get the correct usage rights. 

    As usages of our music can be digitally monitored online, any associated uses of our music on YouTube or online platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, etc) may also be removed or monetized via ContentID.

    If you have any issues with your purchase or need help with any license related matters, please contact us here and we will endeavour to help as soon as possible.