Below are some frequently asked questions regarding licensing and using our music in your videos and productions. If you can't find any answers here or need help with anything else, drop us a message here and we'll get back to you as soon as we can. 

Why should I pay to use your music?

Firstly, music can be used to enhance, increase visibility and therefore increase profitability and revenue of your videos/productions. It's an essential ingredient to the production process, in the same way your computer, camera or editing software is. 

When using music in your videos, you are effectively using another person's creative property and ideas - which took time and resources to create (such as electricity, equipment, instruments, software and of course, years of musical training and ability!). Licensing the music is simply a way of 'renting' the music to be placed in and enhance your own production, which in turn has the potential to generate revenue. 

Secondly, a huge advantage of licensing music is the fact that not only do you get the proper legal cover to use the music in your videos and productions, but any issues that arise can be quickly dealt with directly by us. For example, if a copyright issue arose when using our music, we'll be able to get in touch directly with the necessary parties to have it sorted out as a matter of urgency. 

What is a License Certificate? 

Because you are using someone else's creative property in your video or production, the License Certificate is a legal document which grants you permission to use it. It also enables you to show any concerned parties or authorities that you have the correct and legal rights to use and broadcast it publicly (such as in a YouTube video or on TV/radio, for example). 

What do I need a License for? 

If you are planning to use my music in your videos such as vlogs, tutorials, educational (such as school or college projects), paid-for business projects, including non-profit or charity based projects (such as corporate videos or presentations of any kind), film or TV/radio broadcast, then it is very important that you purchase a License Certificate. The License can then be used to show any third parties that you have the proper rights to use the music in your video or production. This can include regional performance rights organisations (such as PRS, BMI, ASCAP, GEMA, etc) or online streaming platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and so on. 

How long is the License Certificate valid?

All of our License Certificates are valid in perpetuity, meaning that they're valid forever. Unlike most other royalty-free music vendors, there is no need to renew or maintain an annual subscription. You can continue to use our music in your present and future videos and productions for as long as you hold the License. Please note that any cancelled or refunded License purchases will immediately invalidate the License and any associated unauthorised uses of our music may be taken down, blocked or monetized by us.

How do I clear a copyright claim from my video that uses your music? 

This is where the license comes in. Once you have purchased the license you will then have the correct rights to use our music in your videos. You can simply send an email to support@adrev.net, including your video links and attaching your purchased pdf license certificate to the message. AdRev will review your submission and clear any copyright claims from my music, usually within 24 hours. Any revenue held in escrow will be forwarded to your YouTube account as normal - so you won't lose any ad revenue on your video whilst it had the copyright claim on it.

Can I use your music I bought on iTunes or online stores on your videos without a license? 

Unfortunately not. Any music purchased from online stores is for personal or private listening purposes only (this applies to any music by any artist too) and you won't be legally covered to use it in your videos without a license. 

Can I put my vocals on your music and sell it? 

Afraid not! This type of usage is not covered by the License, as our music is intended to be used as production music in videos, televisual broadcasts and presentations and not a basis for songs or mass duplication. 

Can I make remixes of your music? 

Again, this is not allowed, sorry. 

I'm a video producer making videos on behalf of a client. What should I do? 

There are a couple of options in this situation. Firstly, you could purchase the License yourself and pass this onto your client when delivering your work to them (remember to factor in the cost!). Your client could then contact us here if they required any help regarding the use of our music or needed it put in a different name. Alternatively, you can send your client a link to purchase the relevant License once the project has been completed and ready to be uploaded or broadcast. 

Can I use the same license for different clients? 

You'll need to purchase separate licenses for different clients.

Do you accept composer submissions to your site? 

No, not at the moment. 

Can you make customer or tailor made music? 

As a rule, no. We're currently sticking to the plan of putting the time into creating great one-size-fits-all tracks to be licensed via our ever growing royalty-free music catalogue. 

I want to license your music to use in my podcast. Is this allowed?

Yes, absolutely! 

It it necessary to credit you? 

There's absolutely no obligation to credit us in your videos or productions, but it's always greatly appreciated if you do! We also happily accept links to where you have used our music - it's great to hear it in action!