Clearing copyright claims

If you received a copyright claim on your video that contains music by Alumo and you have purchased a license, simply send an email to This should contain the following information: 

  • links to the relevant videos you wish to have claims to my song removed
  • the start and stop times my music appears in your video(s)
  • your purchased pdf license should be attached to the email

If these above steps are followed, AdRev will review your submission and promptly clear any claims on my music from your video. Please be patient whilst this is completed, especially over weekends or holiday periods.

Please note that any monetization accrued whilst the claim was active will be forwarded to your YouTube account in the normal manner.

Important: Please do not dispute the claim within your YouTube account, as this will slow down the process and you may have to wait for over 30 days for YouTube to deal with the dispute (as AdRev are unable to manually access the claim during this time).

Full details on using my music can be read here.