So you're curious who's behind Alumo and who made all those ukulele songs you hear so much on YouTube or TV and Radio commercials?! Well let me introduce myself!

My name is Matt Harris and I'm a British independent music producer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. I've created and provided music to many of today's top YouTuber and creative advertising agencies, to be used by major clients such as BBC, ABC, CBS, EuroSport, Sky Sports, FOX News, Canal+, including brands such as Sony, eBay, Asus, M&S, LEGO and Unilever. My work has found a place in broadcast radio, television, films, movies and commercials worldwide.

Born in 1976, I'm originally from Cardiff, South Wales and more recently living and working in Bristol, UK.

I’ve been making music from a very early age. When I was around four years old, our next door neighbour was throwing out an old Yamaha organ – a huge, bulky thing with drawbars and foot-pedals. My parents thought it would be a good idea to take it off their hands as something for me to learn. And what a good decision it was! I would spend literally hours on that thing making up little tunes and try to copy songs that my older brothers would play on the record player. Albeit without the foot-pedals, as my feet wouldn’t reach them!

By the time I had reached 15 years old, I had also learned the guitar, bass guitar and drums and had begun experimenting with a four-track Fostex recorder that I probably received as a birthday present.

From there, I worked in the early 2000s as a DJ, performing live PAs and producing dance music. In 2001 was signed to an independent UK label, Fast Moving Records, producing hard house and trance under the moniker Junoman. I’ve also had the pleasure of producing and gigging live with several acoustic, rock and electro acts and worked extensively as a live sound engineer.


A: I thought you'd ask about that! 

The name Alumo (pronounced ah-loo-mow) doesn’t actually mean anything to my knowledge. It was simply a word that I conjured up when looking for a short, punchy word that didn’t really have much existence on the internet and that began with an ‘A’. The thinking behind it was that my business would appear alphabetically at the top of lists for exposure. At the time, I convinced myself it would be a great idea, but hasn’t quite worked that way just yet. So, unfortunately there are no types of creature or hidden meanings involved! 


A: Many listeners and users of my music discovered me via the Alumo YouTube channel. One of the most commonly asked questions I receive is asking if make my music videos all by myself. Well, not exactly...All the footage on my channel is curated Creative Commons footage, kindly provided to me by a selection super talented video producer friends from across the globe. I edit this footage to fit my music and vise versa. Details of the original source footage is always detailed and linked in my video descriptions.


A: I'm often asked how I produce and record my music, so here's a breakdown of most of the go-to recording software and hardware I regularly use in the studio. 

Software & Plugins:

  • Mixing/Mastering: Presonus Studio One, IK ARC 2, Fabfilter EQs, IKM T-RackS 5, Waves Maserati Collection, U-He Presswerks, U-He Satin, Brainworx BX Digital, Soundtoys, Soundtheory Gullfoss, Zynaptiq Intensity, IKM Amplitube 
  • Effects: AudioThing Springs, AudioThing Valves, NI Replica XT, Valhalla Room, TAL-Chorus-LX, Soundtoys
  • Software instruments/samplers: Omnisphere 2, NI Kontakt (consisting of varied sound libraries), NI Massive X, NI Monark, NI Razor, NI Absynth, NI Flesh, U-He Hive, U-He Diva, XLN Addictive Keys, XLN Addictive Drums 2, XLN XO


  • Interfaces: RME Babyface Pro, Audient ID14
  • Monitoring: Yamaha HS8, Beyerdynamic DT770
  • Mics: Oktava MK-012, AudioTechnica AT-402, Shure SM-57/58, Senheisser e906
  • Guitars: Fender Telecaster Custom, Squier Jaguar Vintage Modified, Epiphone Dot, Epiphone Les Paul Studio & Goldtop, Sigma 000M-15S, Ibanez PF15, Fender Jaguar Bass, Fender Jazz Bass Custom Vintage, Hudson Mtek Tenor Ukulele, Tanglewood TWM-T Mandolin, 6 String Banjo
  • Synths: Dave Smith Instruments OB-6, Novation Bass Station II, Studiologic Sledge, Roland Juno 106, Roland Juno 6, Roland JX-3P, Roland JP-08, Roland SE-02, Korg MS-20 Mini, Waldorf Streichfett, Roland TB-3, Roland TR-8, Roland TR-707, Korg Volca Series, Korg Minilogue, Korg PolySix
  • Controllers: NI Komplete Kontrol S61 MkII, Ableton Push 2, Novation Launchpad, Novation Launch Control, Akai MPD18, Arturia BeatStep, Arturia BeatStep Pro, Keith McMillen QuNexus
  • Outboard Effects: Universal Audio LA610 Mk II Pre-amp, Strymon Timeline, Strymon BigSky, MXR Stereo Chorus, , RAT Distortion FatRat, Empirical Labs Distressors, Warm Audio EQP-WA Tube EQ


Matt Harris Alumo Royalty Free Music

Matt Harris: Producer & Founder of Alumo Royalty Free Music

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